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Designing Buildings with 3D Softwares - The Best Solution in the Field of Architecture
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Before 3D softwares like (AutoCAD, Archicad, Revit, Sketchup, etc) came out, Architects have been producing building designs with hand drawings and with some measured and graduated tools like (drawing table, scale rule, T-square, flexible curves, pencil etc) which demands ambiguous energy to execute.

Though it was a reliable and workable solution then, but  a lot of time was consumed just to prepare a design of a building. Once 3D softwares (also known as CAD- computer aided design) was created, all Architects and Engineering jobs were made easy and slaps makes their work to look so powerful and spectacular to compare to a manual designs.

Lesson 1 : Designing Buildings with 3D Softwares – The Best Solution in the Field of Architecture


Nowadays Architects and Engineers do not walk around with drawing table and other manual drawing tools to create designs rather they now make use of 3D building softwares. Architects and Engineers can comfortably walk around with their laptops any place, any time and create building designs with ease, yet with the anticipated aesthetics required to please and attract a client.

The 3D building softwares brings out the satisfaction of the Architects, Engineers and as well as the clients. With 3D building softwares, there is no limit to what you can design and generate to the fitness of a required work. Therefore prospective Architects and Engineers without the knowledge of 3D building softwares are being rated as old version and will also find it very difficult to gain employment in any modernized construction companies. Even if such a person needs to be self employed and become his or her own boss, there is a million reasons while such a person will sacrifice to learn and master at least two or more 3D building softwares in order to be modernized and gain clients attention.

Nowadays, lots of technical know how’s without a formal knowledge and some graduates in the field of Architecture and Engineering without the knowledge of 3D building softwares has filled the community. Therefore, in other to gain much trust and fame being an Architect or an Engineer, this 3D building softwares does the magic for you.

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