How to Present an Architectural Design to a Client

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When designing for a client, your aim should be centered on satisfying the need of your client in the design, both in durability, workability and the aesthetics of the proposed design.

Based on your work, you will be able to convince your client to consider and accept your design which contains the clients edifying design and in other to convince your client, you will have to entice his view with your rendered 3D design of his work. With that presentation, you have gained 80% of the job. The client will now give you a go ahead order to finish the drawing and print it out.

Now you need to do the following;

  1. Create your company’s name, example – “Solid base construction company” ,
  2. Create a logo of the company making use of the company’s name.
  3. After that, get the full information of your client, bearing his name and address.
  4. Create a rectangular box using a line drawing tool, partition it either by the downward part of the rectangular box or by the right side of the box.

Now type your name, your company’s name, your address, and your contacts ( both email and phone).
After that still on the partitioned side, type “designed by” and fix in your name, type “drawn by” fix your name as well, then type “checked by” fix in the same of anybody that checked your design if none kindly fill in your name as well. Now type the date (month and year) you created the design.

Then in the big empty space, type the name of your design, the name of your client, and the address, example – “Proposed building plan of 3 bedrooms bungalow for Mr Donald Trump at United States of America.
Now attach the rest of the generated copies of the design print it and bind it properly.

While printing, make sure you duplicate the design into four copies. Number one goes for registration in the locations local government, the clients will be given two copies while you hold one. The client will bring out one for guidance in the site work. Your own will serve as self proofing and for documentation purposes.

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