3 Clues in Architecture To Rapidly Improve Your Design Skills

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To improve drastically in your designing skills, here are some clues you need to consider as a learner.

  1. Practice more often with a rough sketch of a bungalow, bearing in mind that the rest of your future as an Architect or an Engineer depends on it. Always practice in a quite environment as this requires alots of your concentration and determination. Create new project using Archicad program. Make sure you applied all the necessary facilities to the finishing of the project. After that, save and document the for future correction. Open another new project and start another rough sketched design, repeat the process.
  2. Learn your laptops keyboarding which will practically improve your speed with the program. Some important keyboard shortcuts are ctrl+c meaning copy, ctrl+a meaning highlight all, ctrl+d meaning drag, ctrl+d+ctrl meaning drag a copy, ctrl+e meaning rotate, ctrl+e+ctrl meaning rotate a copy, ctrl+m meaning mirror, ctrl+shift+ctrl meaning mirror a copy, ctrl+g meaning group selected, ctrl+shift+g meaning ungroup selected, etc. With this few listed shortcuts, designing will not be only easier but will be faster. You can start a new project and finish it in less than 24 hours.
  3. Making use of internet to improve your skills; this clue is about searching about designs and structures in Google Search engine with words like “best bungalows designs” then click on the images of the related search will be displayed only in picture form. After that, download the most aesthetic ones and practice with. There is this saying “if you want to be the best, you learn from the best” . Another clue on internet is making use of YouTube. Go to google play store and download an app called “vidmate” .this app is use to download YouTube videos easily. While designing, you might encounter some difficulties like “how to roof your building using archicad” . Open vidmate, go to YouTube, search on it and download a helpful tutorial which will help you in solving your difficulties.

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