Building a Legitimate Stream of Income Online With WahClass

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Wahclass provides a seamless route to making money online regardless of the persons abilities and education level.

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WahClass features a DDPS System that helps you discover your Niche. A Niche is your selling point. In this case, it refers to what you know vs people are looking for online.

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Upon registration, you will be given a form. It’s like an Interview. You’re to fill it candidly and hit submit.

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After submitting, you will be redirected to a payment page. A fee of 800 NGN is required for processing your form. After successful payment, you’re to wait 24hours For your interview to be reviewed. You will receive a n email containing your Niche, your selling point and useful insights to begin creating your content.

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At this point, the fundermental steps are completed. When you login, you’ll see a dashboard and a panel where you can start creating topics and monitor your progress You can see your number of visitors, Subscribers and Interactive Earnings. You rank as a Discussant. This is the early rank.

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The Discussant Rank

At Discussant level, your earnings are as good as how much visitors you get. The System reviews each topic you publish and gives you solid hints on writing better. There’s a column for Topic Ideas. This is WahClass IdeaPad where you get great topic suggestions based on your writings and based on what’s trending.

WahClass Artificial Intelligence renders machine assistance to members.

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WahClass DDPS monitors value in your contents and uses them to package a Course for you, placing this course on your Channel and attaching a price tag. Your subscribers get mailed your course and they buy it. New visitors that landed on your older contents may also love to buy it as well. Course sales increase your earnings and it reflects on your dashboard.

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Your acheive Expert rankings when

  1. The system distills and bundles your first Course
  2. You meet 100 subscribers

The Expert Rank

At this point, you’re gaining momentum. You can come up with new contents weekly, daily or as frequently as you like. On your Expert dashboard, you’ll see a Questions column, You’re to proffer answers to questions that will appear there ad this prepares you for the highest Rank ~

The Consultant Rank

Orientation 35

Your acheive Consultant rankings when

1. You provided real answers to all questions
2. You made 1000 Subscribers.

As a Consultant you get paid from 3 streams;

1. For each visitor that lands on your content
2. Course Sales
3. Consultancy

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1. DISCUSSANT – 3 – 30 USD ~ 1000 to 10,000 NGN
2. EXPERT – 30- 106 USD ~ 12,000 to 50,000 NGN
3. CONSULTANT – 106 USD+ ~ 50,000 NGN+

Note. It’s possible to rank up to Consultancy in your first Month

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  • Payment is disbursed when you’ve accrued a
    minimum of 80 USD ~ 25,250 NGN in your Balance on your Dashboard on the 25th of every month
  • Earnings will be rolled over to the next month if it
    didn’t reach the threshold of 80 USD25,250 NGN

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WahClass not only turns your passions to profit, it also help you grow personally, bringing out the best in you. It’s a solution to making money online, an asset building platform, a Career development tool and a passport to the World. Get started today!

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