Chatbots Training Class and the Concept of A.I

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To understand artificial intelligence, we should look at the meaning of natural intelligence. What distinguishes humans from animals is the far greater level of intelligence that we possess.

Intelligence is what makes a living thing capable of understanding and interacting with its environment.

What’s human intelligence?

Breaking it down, it refers to certain abilities they include; The ability to listen and understand what someone says, The ability to see and process what we see, The ability to communicate, The ability to feel and most advancedly, the ability to learn. etc

With the rise in A.I, computers are now been made to have one or more of the above abilities.

  • The ability to listen can is observed in speech recognition systems
  • The ability to see and process sight is observed in A.I cameras. Today we have cameras that can identify who or what it is capturing.
  • The ability to communicate can be seen in Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, iPhone’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa. They were created to actually communicate with humans
  • The ability to learn have been implemented in machine learning.

Artificial intelligence, coupled with mechanics, has given rise to humanoids or robots who can do perfectly, tasks that a normal human do. Some have been designed to look perfectly like humans.

The economic importance of this new technology, Artificial Intelligence

  1. Redefining the Nature of labour : Most jobs that are taken up by humans are now being taken up by robots, leading in retrenchment of workers. However, since the invention of the plow never eliminated the need for farm workers, nor did the invention of the computer eliminate the need for mathematicians, even more jobs would be created, with a call to individuals who possess the skills needed to train, explain and sustain A.I agents.
  2. Tremendous enhancements in the accuracy of predictions : Computers will be made to understand humans more and give personalized output, based on what it learnt from you. This leads to a plug of benefits in various sectors of the economy such as medicine, e-commerce, media etc. Furthermore, robots are now able to learn on their own. After they are trained to an extent, they learn the rest by themselves.

 An introduction to chatbots

A chatbot is a software that interacts with you through chat, just like humans. In other words, A chatbot is a computer program that imitates human conversation – spoken, written, or both.

Here is an infograph containing a history of chatbots

History of Chatbots

Chatbots for messenger is of a recent development. Subscribe or upgrade this channel to join my tutorial class. Shalom!

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Schwiz Josh

Schwiz Josh

A visionary, a writer, Tech savvy, Programmer, Founder of and Millitime. I'm using WahClass as a medium to discuss topics in the digital world, mentoring and training my readers. Hop into the digital world, there's lots to explore.

Topic Objectives

By the end of this Course, Learners will be able to;
  1. Familiarize with A.I and how it’s been applied today
  2. Build bots with Chatfuel
  3. Build bots with Dialogflow
  4. Identify either of the platform best suitable for a project
  5. Combine Chatfuel with Dialogflow
  6. Deploying your bots to Facebook and Your Website
  7. Create Chatbots that communicate with servers.

Topic Outline

  1. The Concept of A.I and Chatbots
  2. The Basics of Chatfuel
  3. Dialogflow Basics
  4. PY project
  5. How to integrate Dialogflow with Chatfuel
  6. Connecting your bot to a database
  7. Automation and Webhooks
Chatbots, concept, Artificial intelligence

Chatbots Training Class and the Concept of A.I


Schwiz Josh
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